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Firstly, thank you for stepping forward to volunteer with Scouts. It’s a great organisation and our young people get wonderful opportunities by participating in Scouts – we couldn’t deliver these opportunities without volunteers such as yourself.

All the training required in Scouts is designed to help and support you in your role, to maintain safety and safeguarding awareness and keep 1 st Aid (also known as 1 st Response) qualifications current. As I am sure you will agree, it is important that alongside all the fun that our young people have, they should also be well cared for.

Scout training is as follows – although there are some differences with that for Managers and Supporters. Some roles require less training than others – it depends on the role for which you volunteer.

How it works

Training is mainly a two-stage process:

(1) Independent learning (e.g. by e.learning, observation, 1:1) followed by

(2) A conversation with a training advisor (TA) (this latter is called validation – it’s just a dialogue (not an exam) which allows you to ask questions and for the TA to ask you questions).

Once you have been appointed to your role, you will have a training adviser appointed. They will arrange to meet with you and discuss the training requirements of the role and how you prefer to work towards meeting these. It may be that you have qualifications (such as an existing 1 st Aid qualification or other vocational or academic experience) which mean you have met the evidence requirements for a Module - this is discussed at the first meeting. We do our best to meet at times that are convenient to you and make the learning enjoyable.

You can find out more about the modules required for your own role here.

After you have completed all the training requirements for your role, the recommendation is made that you be awarded a “Wood Badge”.

External recognition

One of the principles of The Scout Association's Adult Training Scheme is that our training equips volunteers with a wide range of transferable skills and areas of knowledge. As such, much of the training you undertake in Scouting can count towards an externally recognised award. These include ILM Development Programme , Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management, The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (IOTL. These awards and programmes are recognised by many external organisations, bodies and employers, making them a great addition to your volunteering experience and your CV.

Your training advisor

Every volunteer in Godalming Scouts is assigned a training advisor to work with them. If you're unsure who your training advisor is, take a look in the online district directory.

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