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Joining enquiries and waiting lists
Joining enquiries and waiting lists


We regularly receive enquiries from parents and carers who would like their child to join Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers in Godalming. These arrive through the group finder on the UK Scouting website or the Godalming Scouts website.

You can preview the forms that we use here: 
Beavers form / Cubs form / Scouts form

Working together with groups across Godalming to deal with all these enquiries helps us to get more young people involved in scouting.

This page contains some useful information about how we process enquiries and what volunteers in groups need to do.

If you're a parent or carer looking for information about waiting lists, we recommend you take a look at this page instead →

Receiving enquiries

Each group's waiting list managers will receive an email for any new enquiries which are submitted.

In some cases, when waiting list managers tell us that a group is full and/or has closed it's waiting list, we won't keep passing on new enquiries. Instead we'll try to find the young person a space at a different group.

We ask people to specify their first choice group, as well as specifying some other group choices that they would be open to joining too if there wasn't space available at their first choice.

Accepting a joining enquiry

If you're sent a joining enquiry and are able to welcome them to the group, we ask you to run through the quick process of 'accepting' the young person. Doing this lets us know that they have found a place, which means we'll stop asking around and delete them from our list.

It's really simple to let us know you're accepting them. Just follow the link in the email we sent you, choose the reference number, and select 'accept'. That's it!

Here's a preview of what the form looks like

Returning a joining enquiry

It might not be possible to offer someone a place when they enquire. If you get a joining email from but you're not able to offer them a space, we ask that you run through the process of 'returning' the young person. This is a really simple process that lets us know that we should try other groups instead.

It's a very similar process to accepting someone. Follow the link in the email we sent you, choose the reference number, and select 'return'. And you're done!

Asking parents to volunteer

On our Godalming Scouts joining forms, we've now included an option for people completing the enquiry to let us know if they would be prepared to volunteer at Scouts. If they select this option, you'll be able to see this on the notification email we send. Make sure to follow up on the offer and get them involved!

A volunteering option has been added to all our forms
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