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Appointments advisory committee
Appointments advisory committee

What is the appointments advisory committee (AAC)?

The AAC is a committee who meet with adult volunteers taking on new roles in scouting. Meeting with the AAC is usually part of the appointments process which happens when you start a new role.

How it works

Ahead of speaking to the AAC, you may fill out adult information forms, complete a disclosure (DBS) check, and be required to provide references. The appointment process isn't the same for every role, so some parts of this might not be required. It's best to check with your line manager to find out more about how the process will work specifically for you.

Before the appointments process, your role will be at 'pre-provisional status'. After the process is complete, your role will be updated to 'provisional'.

What to expect

Don't worry, the AAC meeting isn't like a job interview. It's a more informal chat, where you'll be able to share a bit more information about yourself, find out more about what support is available to you in your role, and ask any questions you might have.

Many appointments meetings will have 3 members of the committee attending, and in Godalming, they often take place at The Burys HQ.

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