Project 25
Project 25: Our plan to transform scouting in Godalming for 14 - 25 year olds

The goal

We want to ensure that we provide the best opportunities for young people to continue to be involved in scouting up to the age of 25.

We’ll achieve this by transforming our approach to explorers, scout network, young leaders, Duke of Edinburgh and top awards. Delivery quality, youth-shaped programmes for young people, supported by amazing adult volunteers.


For young people

The project will allow more young people to experience the benefits of scouting for longer. By providing scouting for young people until they are 25, we can help them to continue to develop valuable life skills and experience the wide range of opportunities that scouting offers.

For our district

This project will also help us retain more young people for longer, encouraging them to continue their involvement and become adult volunteers in the future. This will allow us to continue to deliver a fantastic scouting experience for young people for generations to come.

Together, we can provide more opportunities for young people to be involved in scouting for longer.

Let's break it down

It's a big piece of work, so we're dividing it down into 4 key areas. Explorers, young leaders, top awards, and scout network. All of these areas are closely linked, so it makes sense to work on them together.

This will also work in conjunction with other work which is happening in the county, which feeds into some of these areas of work also.

These 4 key areas will all be reviewed as part of this project

About the project

The work is being overseen by a sub-committee of the district board of trustees, which includes adult volunteers and young people from across the district. In addition to the project team, we're also working with other volunteers who are advisors to the project, able to provide us with guidance and ideas in their own areas of expertise.

We will also be conducting widespread consultation for the project with volunteers and young people across Godalming Scouts.

And there are even more ways to get involved if you find this project interesting. Contact us to find out more.

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