Scouts stay connected by meeting online and camping in their gardens
May 22, 2020

Scouts stay connected by meeting online and camping in their gardens

Not even a lockdown can stop the scouting spirit, as hundreds of young people in Godalming are continuing to take part in activities from home.

Weekly online activities, new challenges and back garden camping have all helped to keep young people connected since the lockdown began.

Groups all around Godalming have been switching their scout hut for Skype in a bid to continue learning new skills and have fun.

“We’ve seen our volunteers being very creative in all the different ways they have continued to provide scouting,” said Julia Kielstra, District Commissioner for Godalming Scouts. “At a time when young people are unable to do many of their other regular activities and meet with their friends, it’s absolutely fantastic that scouting is providing young people with a way to stay connected”.

One group recently encouraged their scouts to spend a night camping, with scouts assembling tents in their gardens or constructing dens inside.

Other activities have included scavenger hunts, quizzes, games, cooking, DIY projects and more, with young people using technology to join weekly online calls.

“We can’t thank all our wonderful volunteers enough for all the work they’re doing to keep running scouts”, commented Julia.

Godalming Scouts depend on volunteers to continue to provide Skills For Life to young people. To find out more about volunteering, email hello@godalmingscouts.org.uk or see the website at www.godalmingscouts.org.uk

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